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Shine Children's Book

What others are saying:

Heart warming book. Filled with words all children (and adults) should hear. Love the illustrations; they're elegant, bright, and full of light and love. I was touched by the book. - Curtis Jensen





“Let your light SHINE! What a great message to kids. With the illustrations from the young artist, my son was sparked to start working on a book! His inner light is shining bright! A simple mantra for children, a great nightly bedtime story!

4 stars.” – Mrs Mommy Booknerd


I loved this book. The words will ring true for any parent of an autistic child - and hopefully bring light to the children themselves. Parents and carers will appreciate the colourful illustrations of a gifted autistic child, knowing the hours of dedication, support and encouragements which led to such a creative achievement. This should be on every coffee table, to share with every friend, guest or relative in your home. - Jenny Saunders

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Available as an ebook and in softcover through Balboa Press.

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